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Diageo Special Releases 2012
Autor Wiadomość

Wysłany: Wto Paź 02, 2012 9:07 pm   

Pierwsze testing notes.

Zaskakujące i ciekawe. http://caskstrength.blogs...-surprises.html Port Ellen rozczarowaniem, a whisky wieczoru została uznana ...

Coś z tych najciekawszych możnaby spróbować :mrgreen:

I takie nijakie oceny: http://www.masterofmalt.c...nagachillivodka

[ Dodano: Czw Paź 18, 2012 9:53 pm ]

Wkleję z sieci - uznałem za ciekawe. Szczególnie wątek o cenach. Jak skrytykować i nie skrytykować zarazem ;) (nie podpaść Diageo).

The Whisky Inwestor na FB
Before I get onto the chart stuff, here are my tasting notes!

Caol Ila 14 unpeated - O.k. not blown away.
Lagavulin 12 - Consistently good.
Lagavulin 21 - Brilliant! Not quite as rich as the previous release but brilliant none the less.
Auchroisk 30 - Thoroughly enjoyed. Bit like a shire horse, steady, strong, consistent, lovable but won't win any dressage shows.
Dalwhinnie 25 - Very surprising. Really, really good dram. Wasn't expecting quite this level of goodness!
Talisker 35 - Like my first school crush. Knees went a bit wobbly, heart fluttered a bit..... fell in love with Talisker again. Spent 1/2 an hour with this stuck on my nose.
Brora 35 - The one for me. Past the school crush and onto marriage proposals here. Compound complexity, perfunctory peat, willingly waxy and ubiquitously, uniquely awesome!
Port Ellen - O.k. not blown away.

So, the port Ellen wasn't bad per se (and there were others who thought it was really good), I just can't get the price out of my mind.

This is the test for me. If someone said "here's the last £600 you will EVER spend on whisky, what will you choose?" The Port Ellen wouldn't be the one. But here's the odd thing, I don't disagree with the pricing. I actually think Diageo have taken a real pasting this year for something they should have done 5 years ago.

Take a look at the price charts I've posted. The PE releases were under £200 a pop on a retail basis for years. I think there's been a necessary adjustment. You might not agree with this years significant realignment but the reality is, previous years have been under-priced within the prevailing market conditions.

Don't be thinking just because I was 'whiskied & dined' by Diageo (which they do impeccably and I have to say I am grateful for) I'm a corporate puppet, that's not the case. As a collector of the set, you have to have it. As a 'last £600' bottle, it doesn't stack up. As a necessary, but somewhat brutal, price realignment it's a business necessity. Will it sell out in 0.24 nano-seconds? Of course it will.

It's never a great thing when something you want increases in price by 100%. If inflation hit this level we'd all be back in the stone age & whisky would be used to clean cuts! That said, Diageo have merely priced the 12th release at a similar value to auction prices (as per the charts) paid for earlier releases. Granted, you can choose what to pay at auction but then you can choose whether to buy this years release.

It does give rise to the interesting question of who drives who? Are prices driven by the distillers or are they driven by secondary market increases? probably a bit of both to be fair.

Finally... The Brora is an under-priced masterpiece..... this years investment and drinkers choice (for me anyway)...... By the way, if Diageo happen to read this, that doesn't mean double prices next year! If, of course, there is a Brora next year...... but I guess that's another story!

Podążając za: Dla kolekcjonerów więc na pewno Brora jest godna poelcenia ;)
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